the Essence of Writing

I love writing novels filled with intrigue, suspense, twists, and turns. I love to fill stories with interesting characters, experiences, circumstances, events, and locations. I love to create the unpredictable as much as possible. I love to include moments of levity, as well as sprinkle stories with splashes of romance here and there; all of it as part of the human experience.

I love to write in a manner that allows readers the ability to tap into their own thoughts, imagination, and personal experiences, in order to fill in subtle gaps when and where appropriate. In other words, I believe in the intelligence of avid readers and their ability to see situations, as well as character interactions without pointing out every precise detail that can often interfere with the progress of the story and slow it down.

Writing is an art form. It is painting with words; organizing words and phrases, then shaping them into sentences and paragraphs in a way that captures a moment in time; that touches on emotion; that captivates the reader to a point that they simply cannot put that book down.

As a writer and author I enjoy the challenge of creating a compelling story.

As a reader, I thoroughly enjoy conjuring up imagery to accompany the skillfully constructed text of a proficient author.

So, it is my greatest desire and challenge that I do the same for you.