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For Youth

A pleasant afternoon exploring the woods behind their great Aunt Clara’s mountain cabin home, becomes a frightening and suspenseful adventure for 13-year-old Nick and his younger sister Mandy when a sudden thunderstorm hits the mountain. Unable to find their way safely back to Aunt Clara’s cabin, Nick and Mandy must spend a cold and rainy night outwitting two very suspicious men who are up to no good.

For Adults

  • Janet Feldman Series – Desperate Rescue, 50,117 words, published 12/10/2011

Janet and her college friend, Sally, excitedly attend a posh party in an exclusive neighborhood.  Neither one expected Sally would be abducted and both would end up separated and in a very remote area far from home. A determined Janet attempts a daring rescue warily putting her trust in a mysterious mountain man for help.  A high mountain cavern, unsavory sheriff, three unlikely heroes, and a dog named Shadow, add up to a suspense-filled intrigue.

Hunter’s life couldn’t be better.  The recipient of numerous awards for his starring roles in successful films, he looked forward to a much needed respite from the hectic and high-paced world of Hollywood.  Settling into his secluded ranch in the mountains of northern Idaho, his world soon becomes anything but peaceful when he agrees to deliver a package for his long-time associate, producer and friend, Gerald Allensby.  Accompanied by Gerry’s personal assistant, Janet Feldman, Hunter flies into a remote airstrip, in a southern region of Arizona, where they are met by a mysterious helicopter.   Things go awry when they accidentally discover the package was actually some kind of a payoff.  Now running for their lives in Hunter’s private jet, they are completely unaware that hundreds of miles away in the State of Idaho, Samantha Sinclair, a budding romantic interest in Hunter’s life, has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.

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