Nick & Mandy James Stories: Overview

Nick and Mandy James Story Collection
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Danger in the Woods, 13,328 words, published at Smashwords 5/7/2012

Thirteen-year-old Nick and eleven-year-old Mandy James are brother and sister and they both love adventure.

For them, Danger in the Woods (and the first book in this collection) began at their great Aunt Clara’s home where they were spending part of their vacation. It had been a pleasant afternoon exploring the woods behind Aunt Clara’s mountain cabin home, that is until a sudden thunderstorm hit the mountain. That wouldn’t have been so bad, except they got lost while trying to find their way back. The deer trail they had followed earlier in the day suddenly became a muddy mess and eventually disappeared.

But the worst was yet to come. The thought of spending the night alone in the woods was frightening enough but finding suitable shelter was also a challenge. But in their attempt to get help, their light-hearted adventure turned into something much more suspenseful and required they find a way to outwit two very suspicious men, and their menacing dogs, who are up to no good.

Additional Titles on the drawing board…

  • Ghost at McKinley Hall
  • Treasure on Squatter’s Hill
  • The Legend of Secret Valley