One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced since I retired, was the added time I had available to write! I’ve taken advantage.

A few years ago, I published my first book with Smashwords – Desperate Rescue. It was an exciting time and I loved seeing the number of downloads it received by readers all over the globe. Granted, it was free, but that was okay. I simply wanted to dip my toes in the Indie publishing waters and was thrilled with the response. So much so that I published a second book at Smashwords, Unwitting Alliances, and enjoyed the same response.

But my writing journey didn’t stop there. As of this post, I just ‘unpublished’ both of those books, but for a very good reason. Since publishing Desperate Rescue, I’d gotten a number of requests from happy readers asking that I consider writing a sequel. I hadn’t intended to do that, but after considerable thought and bouncing around some additional ideas, I had to ask, “What did I have to lose?” Absolutely nothing, that’s what!

From that point on, a sequel was on the horizon, as well as one for Unwitting Alliances. But something interesting happened along the way in my effort to write two separate series. Some of the characters from Desperate Rescue got a little curious and decided to visit the story within Unwitting Alliances and vice versa. Now what?

Well all I can do is offer a word of warning – when the key characters of a couple of stories begin collaborating and start writing it for you, you’d better pay attention. I finally did and the result was an entirely new writing project that has evolved and emerged into an 8-novel series titled – Duplicity.

For more on the series and the novels within it, check out the Books Page. And if you like what you see there, visit the Pre-Order Page and take advantage of a limited-time-only reduced pricing opportunity on all the books, except the first one, which will always be FREE.

Happy reading, everyone!