Fall: I Love this time of year!

Living on the western fringes of the United States, seasonal changes aren’t quite as dramatic here as they are for so many others. Here, we do enjoy changing colors of foliage, brisk fall temperatures, rain in various doses, and even snow – in some cases a lot of it. We notice how the sun begins to cut different patterns of light, now that the Earth has transitioned to a different location in its orbit. All of it generally predictable and in most cases eagerly anticipated.

When I was growing up, fall meant the ushering in of a new school year; eager anticipation of upcoming holidays, such as Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving, and Christmas; with each one leading into fun activities and festive parties with family and friends.

Fall does offers wonderful sights and smells outside, but inside, the tempting fragrances of baked foods, such as cookies, breads, pies and cakes, seemed to suggest a time of togetherness. The many shared aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and always chocolate in some fashion, tends to draw people together; all paying tribute to long-held family and cultural traditions. This are a few of my memories of this time of year

But wherever we live, whatever time of year, whatever our traditions, beliefs, hopes, dreams or desires – our memories can and should be some of the best and most treasured moments of any given day. And if we struggle with the ability to conjure up pleasant ones, then make them. We should be making good memories every day – in spite of challenges, small or tremendous.

Embrace, cherish, and when appropriate, share your memories, your traditions, you beliefs, and any other good things with others you know or will meet. Because together, we can discover our commonalities as much as our differences, but in a way to develop and forge deeper bonds of friendship, compassion, and love towards others.