Living in northern California, along with my sweet husband and staunch supporter, David, I’ve spent many years writing, beginning with a few rhyming stories for my five children.  I also helped edit others’ work over the years, and simply played around with a number of story ideas for older audiences.  But the idea of becoming a published author didn’t fully manifest itself until years later.

My first publication was Desperate Measures, published in 2008 and available in hard cover and paperback through a vanity press.  Although I was thrilled to see my book in print, sales were nearly non-existent (due to steep pricing determined by the publisher) and the challenge of marketing was a monumental headache.

When I discovered e-publishing in 2011, I renamed my book to Desperate Rescue, and republished it as an e-book with  It was well-received by my test readers to begin with, and has received thousands of downloads (from 28+ countries,) since publication.

Danger in the Woods followed, geared to a younger audience garnering downloads from enthusiastic younger readers.  Now convinced e-publishing is the way of the future for aspiring authors, I was determined to continue publishing with Smashwords and added Unwitting Alliances, to my growing list of titles in September 2014.

I’m still writing and working on sequels to finish the series’ I’ve started, but that won’t be the end.  Writing is pure passion and a great creative outlet for me.  I’ll continue to write and publish for as long as possible, if nothing else than to satisfy a exciting and personal adventure.



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