Duplicity Series: Overview

The word, duplicity, generally suggests a few things, such as deceit, disloyalty, fraud, betrayal, treachery, and so forth – a fitting title for this series.

The series, Duplicity, consists of 8-novels following a young woman, Janet Feldman. Janet grew up in a mid-sized city in Wisconsin and lived with her mother, sister, and grandmother. She had no idea who her father was, whether he still lived or if he had died. Nor did she have any other specific clues regarding the circumstances of her family. For her, and her sister Mary, their life was their own kind of ‘normal’.

She eventually moved west and settled in southern California hoping to find a new and more exciting direction in her life. Although questions about her family’s background continued to persist, without any substantial clues to follow she was unable to pursue any type of discovery. So the Feldman story had to take a back seat in her life – pretty much where it had been all her life.

Once in southern California Janet was satisfied with her life, for the most part. There was plenty to do, she made friends, and like just about anyone else, she enjoyed the beaches, restaurants, movies, and anything else most young people in their early twenties enjoyed.

But over the next few years all of that was about to dramatically change; and so the series, Duplicity, begins . . .