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They’re FREE!

What a great word! I love FREE. I love getting things for FREE and giving things away for FREE! Yes, and because of that, today I decided to provide all my novels for FREE! And I cannot think of one good reason not to.

“But why?” you might ask.

“Why not?” is my reply.

Writing for me is pure pleasure – or it’s supposed to be. Writing provides me with a sense of freedom to put to e-paper – words that tell a story – with all the associated characters, scenes, dialogue, emotions, drama – all of that and more. It’s satisfying and exhilarating!

At first, the idea of selling books seemed fine, and sure a little extra cash to tuck away sounded good, but honestly, that wasn’t my primary focus. I just like to write!

But during the past month I’ve been under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines in order to make sure the books in the series Duplicity were complete and ready to publish by specific dates. But it’s been a challenge and if I miss a deadline, that creates the need to adjust the release date at Smashwords, and means coming back here to make adjustments at the website, and requires that I send out updates to people so they don’t freak out if a book isn’t available when I said it would be.

Suddenly, writing wasn’t so much fun anymore.

If this were my only source of income, that would be another matter, but it isn’t. I retired from a J.O.B a year ago. That decision provided me a great opportunity to be free. I was free from having to deal with an early morning and blaring alarm clock. I was free from the hassle of getting showered and dressed each morning; getting to work on time; signing in to prove I actually showed up and signing out to prove I actually stayed for eight hours (or more); dealing with myriad tasks (never-ending); answering phones, making calls, sending and replying to emails; making and keeping appointments; answering to someone else; as well as all the necessary interactions with other staff (not a bad thing, you understand, just another part of the J.O.B.); then the drive home; fixing dinner; doing dishes and laundry; spending quality time with family; deciding what to wear tomorrow – well, you know the drill.

Retirement was supposed to be fun and free up my time so I could enjoy other things – like writing (of course), working on a few art projects, spending a LOT more time with my husband, getting up when I felt like it and going to bed when I felt like it. Yeah.

Well, suddenly I was back at the grindstone. Getting up to an alarm clock, albeit 8:00 am (not all that bad) but when you stay up until two or three in the morning (usually working on a draft or editing one for the fifth or sixth time (plus or minus), then getting a draft off to the BETA readers, and finally polishing it up – all to meet publishing deadlines), well, doggone it! I had created a whole new job for myself! I was no longer retired. Not good.

All that said, I’m still a writer, and a pretty dern good one, too, just not a ‘professional’ writer. And our financial well-being does not depend on income from my writing. So – that said, they’re FREE! All my books. Now I can still enjoy writing, but without the demands of marketing and promoting, and coming up sales tactics and gimmicks. At my age, attempting to jump into the hot and heavy book retail market just isn’t for me. There is so much more I can be doing with my time.

Sure, I could still ‘sell’ them, but I’d much rather give them away to interested readers.

So now, I can enjoy my days of leisure and still find plenty of time to write and publish as I choose, but best of all, I am FREE from a J.O.B. once again. And now, my books are equally FREE. Yup, and it feels good.

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