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It’s Been a Little too Quiet around here…

But that is about to change

‘Transitioning’ (aka: retirement) is a grand thing! I say transition, rather that retire, because I was already tired… of a job… a stale routine… and more. In other words, I wasn’t interested in getting re-tired. I just wanted to get my life back!

My transition has allowed me to do just that. I’ve been able to refocus on what is most important to me. My husband, number one, as well as family and friends. But along with that was the need to really immerse myself into my writing. It had become a struggle trying to balance home, family, work, and writing. Whoever came up the insane notion of ‘multi-tasking’ was crazy!

Anyway, now that I’m my own boss, so to speak, things are changing. I can set my own hours, write for as long or little as I choose, and get other things done as well – but on my terms. So, yes, it’s happening!

This coming July – right around the corner, actually – I am launching a whole new series: Duplicity. The series will include eight novels. Two are re-edits that have been free at and the other six are brand new. Four are ready and waiting and the first one will be a re-edited and re-designed version of the original Desperate Rescue. Within this next month, watch for Duplicity: Book 1 – a Desperate Rescue – 2nd Edition at Smashwords. Following that, a new novel, Duplicity: Book 2 – a Relentless Pursuit is due to launch later this fall.

I am excited about this rebirth, so-to-speak. And I’ll share more about these first two books and the additional books of the series in upcoming posts, so check back. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thank you.  I will look them up.  I, too retired.  I am spending my time getting my health on track (surgery tomorrow).  I am also concentrating on the dogs.  Abbie and Bowie became parents.  Bowie and Abbie’s sister, flair also became parents.  I am the proud owner of Liza Jane, Abbie, Bowie, dollie, and roxie.


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