Pursue Your Dreams…

One thing I’ve learned over the years is to not give up on a dream – no matter what it is; and no matter what other people say.

I think most of us give up too easily the minute someone challenges a dream we may have, even to the point of suggesting (or outright saying), ‘It’ll never happen.’ Someone said that to me not too long ago, and I was already making strong inroads into the indie publishing world. The problem with her statement to me was the fact that she hadn’t even read any of my books yet. Go figure.

Well, just because someone else doesn’t believe in what we want to do or or the dream we want to pursue, doesn’t mean it can’t happen. The success of any dream or desire depends on us. We choose. We accept setbacks and failures, recognizing them at stepping stones not roadblocks.

To succeed we have to find ways climb over those temporary setbacks; or detour around them. But whatever the situation, fight for your dream. Fight for your success and enjoy the journey along the way, no matter what. Your steadfastness to stick to your plan, revise the plan, adjust the plan, and achieve the plan, however it shakes out, will define who you are – a winner!